GREATEST HITS - The Early Year

by extinct!

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released December 27, 2015




extinct! Querfurt, Germany

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Track Name: b/w
you´ve got your point of view / and i have mine / we see the otherside / falsified / we choose our mind / to stay in line / our holy arguments / building a shrine / who decides who´s wrong or right / i don´t know what to think / if i am wrong or right / the only thing i know / there isn´t only black and white / our points of view / both shit / the other side / as wrong as ours / we´ve chosen our mind / for the wrong reason / our shrine of arguments / burned down
Track Name: uniform
Standing in line / your clothes your thoughts / equal to your neighbor´s / uniformed in everything / i´m sick of this view / please tell me / what the hell is wrong with you
Track Name: smart boi
You are a smart boy / you´re an achiever / you´ve the golden touch / you´re like Midas / but all that glitter isn´t gold / and your story should have been told / you are two faced / with a forked tongue / you look like success / but you have none / so there´s just one thing left for you / you´re hiding your mind behind these bad jokes / and all this idiots around you are laughing / but i aint smiling cause i didn´t get it / i´m smiling cause i´m dead inside
Track Name: hate
If you are hating your fucking self so why shouldn´t i hate you too
Track Name: fractal wrongness
You are not just wrong / You are wrong at every conceivable scale of resolution / Zooming in on any part of your worldview finds beliefs exactly as wrong as your entire worldview / fractal wrongness
Track Name: careless
We created our fears through the last thousend years / some people shed tears while we sip on our beers / I´m just like you / but the difference is / I feel ashamed / sometimes / so lets laugh with our fake friends till the worlds end
Track Name: in hiding
Beeing human means nothing
Track Name: extinct
I ain´t the one who´s asking for help / i ain´t the one who´s begging for something / but i´m here on my knees / i am here begging you please / because im through / ive seen eneugh / all the crimes in the name of your god / im through i´ve heard enough / all the lies you repeat from their mouths / please / become / EXTINCT! ...
Track Name: god season
Listen to me / mark my words / im chasing after you / since day one your harm is done / up the stairway through the gates of heaven to kick you from your throne / now i can lie back / and steer / this fucking / planet / staight into hell
Track Name: laplace
Feed the demon / bit by bit / feed the demon / never quit / feed the demon / complete the equation / feed the demon / with information / breed the demon / grow and thrive / feed the demon / it´s for your best / feed the demon / never rest / feed the demon / in every situation / feed the demon / with information / breed the demon / things have changed / we lay our lives in the hands of another man made god